und die Welt
hinterm Kaiserzipf 
Picturebook, 64 pages
published by NordSüd / NorthSouth 2020

Ida alway dreamed about becoming a great scientist. For collecting rare and extraordinary butterflies she would go to the jungle and experience some exciting adventures with tigers. Unfortunately her mother was unamazed about expeditions.
It´s bad manners for girls in the 19th century. So Ida stayed and decades passed. But one day, when her own kids left home as grown ups, she packed her suitcase. Finally the adventure started. Years of travelling, exploring, collecting, researching and writing followed.

Ida Pfeiffer became one of the most popular travel book authors of her century and besides the first woman who travelled around the world by her own.
This book is a homage to Ida Pfeiffers great achievement, her open mind and unswerving courage.

Linda Schwalbe 2022