Jung und fesch!
Solistin für Damenorchester gesucht

Picturebook, 48 pages, 2019

In the 19th century there was almost no theatre or variété in the world without a womens orchestra. They were unbelievable popular, the first pop stars before pop music even was invented.

Why did so many girls decide to become musicans? Many musicans of that time came from economically weak regions with a bold musical heritage such as bohemian ore mountains.
Because of their travelling around the world with famous orchestras saved the base of existence of their families at home.
During my research many fascinating characters came across my way. Marie Stütz left home aged 13 and travelled with her cello to greece and turkey with an orchestra for years before she opened decades later a famous hotel in the ore mountains.
This picturebook is a hommage to these forgotten characters and their thrilling melodies.

Linda Schwalbe 2022